team:work on a private device - this is how it works!

A) If you are an RWE employee:

  1. Click on the first link "For RWE employees". 
  2. Enter your RWE identification (e.g. or and your password. 
  3. Now another form opens. Please enter your RWE email address and the 6-digit code you just received by email. Done! 

B) If you are not an RWE employee any more:

  1. Click on the second link "For external readers".
  2. Enter your data. 
  3. You will soon receive a confirmation email. Please open the link contained in it on the device on which you would like to use team:work. Done!

Have fun with team:work!

If you own a service device with MobileIron, then simply go to the apps@work app store or to in the Web@Work browser - done!